Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why Am I Freaking Out?!

My husband and I got married in June 2008, about three weeks later we were literally on separate continents. He left for Okinawa and because we were married after receiving his orders, I had to stay behind. Eventually our paperwork was approved and I packed my bags, said bye to my mommy, and hopped on a plane. I arrived on island 10 February 2009.

A couple weeks went by and my husband went back to work. He is active duty military, and his specific job has hours that tend to be a little crazy. I think it was right around the first of March, he had worked another long day in an even longer week. He went in at 2:00am and didn't get off until a little after 11:00pm! I had already eaten dinner, cleaned up the mess from cooking, and had his plate in the fridge for when he came home. He finally walked in the door at about 11:30. He was incredibly exhausted from the long day, and I knew that. It was completely understandable that because he was so tired, he wanted to go straight to bed after he was finished eating.

We get in bed, turn on a movie, and I suddenly get the urge to talk. Can you blame me? I hadn't been able to talk to him all day! Bless his heart, he tried to listen but he was starting to nod off. What did I do? Unlike most understanding wives who would kiss their husband on the cheek and let him get some sleep... I huffed at him! He immediately said "What's wrong babe?" I followed with "There's no sense talking, you're just going to be asleep in five minutes!" And with that, I jumped out of bed, stormed out, slammed my hand into the light switch to turn it on and plopped down in the living room chair. During the 20 seconds it took me to get from bedroom to living room, I was crying uncontrollably and I was so upset I couldn't see straight. Like the wonderful man he is, my husband comes in and tries talking to me, asks if I'm okay, asks why I'm so upset, and caried me back to bed still sobbing. All that anger and frustration, and you know what I said when he asked why?

"I don't know."

So the next thing to come out of his mouth was, "Babe? Are you pregnant?"

I finally calmed down, and we both got some sleep. The next day I was thinking about that last question. I couldn't be pregnant! I wasn't supposed to be ABLE to have kids! Could I really be pregnant? At that point it was a few days too early to get an accurate reading on a pregnancy test. On 5 March 2009 I asked my husband to bring home a test. That night, I saw two little pink lines.

And thus, the pregnancy adventure had begun!

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